Our main creative work is producing kiln forming, one of the oldest glassmaking techniques known to man. Using this method we can create (almost) any shape imaginable, limited only by the size of the kiln.

Melting glass is a pure, sculptural medium using high-quality materials. The creative process begins with sculpting a model, carving a mold, blowing the glass into the mold and then finishing the surface by cutting, sanding and polishing.

We create our own designs, but a large part of our work also involves collaborating with a range of well-known artists and designers. We produce everything from one-off pieces such as architectural glass down to high-quality gift items for various firms.

Handcutting and sanding of glass are fundamental glassmaking techniques that we also apply to the finishing of other glass objects, such as mass-produced glass, plate glass for interior walls, and glass for doors and windows.